Using Ozone to Do Laundry at Home

Hospitals and resorts have had a secret for years: they’ve put ozone to work for them doing laundry.

Whereas we generally affiliate ozone with smog or air pollution, the 2 are usually not the identical. In reality, the earth naturally produces ozone within the air we breathe, however at low ranges. After we pollute our surroundings, the air pollution and warmth work together and produce increased ranges of ozone, which some individuals are delicate to.

Nonetheless, ozone is an amazing cleanser, and is used to purify swimming pools, water methods, and even our meals provide in some instances. It is extensively used as a result of it not solely cleans filth, however ozone additionally destroys pathogens together with E. coli, candida, staph, salmonella, and extra. Because of this, when utilized in laundry, it not solely cleans higher than cleaning soap (detergent), nevertheless it additionally disinfects.

I ought to level out a element right here, although. Ozone disinfects, and when it is available in contact with many germs and pathogens, it kills or disables them. Nevertheless, simply because ozone is in laundry water would not mechanically imply that every one pathogens can be killed. A number of components will have an effect on how completely laundry is disinfected, together with how a lot ozone is used, how chilly the water is, how huge the load is, and so forth. In different phrases, simply because ozone disinfects does not imply that an ozone laundry system will totally disinfect laundry. You’ll be able to solely know for positive by way of testing.

However as you’ll be able to think about, ozone will disinfect higher than cleaning soap, which does not disinfect in any respect. In reality, there are a number of issues with cleaning soap:
1) it is often product of chemical compounds, that are unhealthy when dumped into the setting after laundry is completed, and which might hurt delicate pores and skin;
2) it would not get totally washed out of the laundry, which tends to get matted down consequently (much less fluffy laundry);
three) cleaning soap usually damages laundry over time, fading colours and ruining the material. So you need to purchase new gadgets extra usually.

Whereas ozone can totally change cleaning soap in laundry, it would not change bleach when that’s wanted. And if bleach is required in a load of laundry, you will most likely have to run a heat cycle adopted by chilly cycles. Usually bleach is completed in sizzling water, however ozone helps to activate the bleach, so bleaching may be finished in heat water. You’ll be able to then comply with this with chilly, which is when the ozone goes to work cleansing.

Whenever you’re not utilizing bleach, you are able to do an “all chilly” load of laundry, as a result of the ozone lasts longest in chilly water. The typical American household, doing about 400 a great deal of laundry a yr, will typically save about $40 to $80 every year simply by eliminating heat and sizzling water from their laundry.

The typical household will save about one other $40 to $80 every year on cleaning soap or detergent. In different phrases… a complete financial savings of $80 to $160 on common, and in some instances, a household can save $300 or extra every year.

Because of this I consider that buitinis ozono generatorius is the way forward for doing laundry not simply in hospitals and resorts, but additionally at dwelling now that ozone laundry methods can be found for homes. Not way back, models have been far too massive and have been solely utilized in trade. However right this moment, each dwelling in America can scale back their use of chemical compounds, scale back their vitality consumption, and begin saving substantial funds yearly.

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